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You're deemed a success, with the career, house, kids, marriage...but really you feel numb to the world around you, like your whole life is a lie, hiding behind a mask. 

Your mind feels like it constantly controls you with negative thoughts, telling you your crap, not good enough, you're winging it. 


My customised packages will show you how your mind works so that you get back in control and start living for real, happy and connected to the people you love.

In just 8 Weeks, you will get happy, confident and motivated, and know that you've got this. 


Card Reading

You just want a bit of help and guidance on a situation or in your life generally. Cards can be used by anyone who is looking for answers to a question, or wants to make sense out of a situation they are in.

It can also help to find deeper meaning and give clarity to how you are really feeling about a situation and give guidance on any actions you should take to get the answers you want.

A reading can help you to understand how you are standing in your own way and get a way forward on a decision that finally feels right. 



Stop putting off the things you need to or want to do, and start getting shit done with my Accountability Package!

  • Small Business owners with a To-Do List as long as their arm!

  • Busy mums who want to implement a new routine, habit or do something for themselves (exercise/diet)

Bespoke and rolling packages available to support you in getting everything you need done and finally off the list!


Payment plans and instalment options available