Coaching - 8 Weeks to Change Your life


People only see your mask; standing in a packed room, smiling, laughing, being outrageous and surrounded by people. They think you are so confident and have so much in life. And maybe you do: You may have the career, kids, the house, marriage...all the things that society and the status quo has told you that you should have to be happy and successful. 

Physically, you are RIGHT there...but emotionally, you feel a despairing emptiness and loneliness, just wanting to escape your mind and feeling trapped inside your own head. 

You feel numb, fake and like you don’t really deserve any of this.

If they really knew, they'd think you're mad

So you throw yourself into tasks, try every fad from the gym, to getting dressed up, getting out there and putting positive affirmations all around the bloody house. But eventually that motivation burns off and here you are again in your pit of loneliness with nothing but the latest Netflix binge, feeling like a failure, broken, just not good enough, feeling like maybe nothing will ever really make you happy. 


You want to feel connected, to really be able to love properly. You want motivation and confidence that lasts and doesn’t burn you out. And mostly, you just want to feel happy. To be able to enjoy life and the people around you.

You are not broken or irreparable.

There is a very simple way out and I can show you how.

I work with people who feel numb to the world around them and hounded by thoughts of not being good enough. We explore how the mind works to understand why those thoughts are there and pinpoint where they have come from, so that we can challenge them and get back in control of your mind and life.


Be in control of the thoughts in your head, be confident, and then get motivation that is consistent because you aren't trapped by thoughts that you can't do it anymore.


Throw that damn mask away for good. 


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So why do I care? Who the hell am I? Why am I any different to any other fad out there?

I was deemed a success to my friends and family and checked off every box of what a successful woman should have done by my age: I'd moved away, got the degree, house, marriage, kid and even the high flying job.

To the outside world, I was unstoppable.

But in reality, I felt like a ship about to hit an iceberg, ploughing through every day hiding behind a fake smile and sense of humour to keep people from realising how on the edge I really was. 

I felt alone even in the fullest of rooms, like a massive failure about to be caught out. I battled with my weight, my self, drink, and with anyone who said they loved me, cause what was there to love?  


In April 2016, my 29 years of battling finally came to a head.

It was at this exact moment that I knew I had to do something drastic, not just for me, but for my daughter too; I decided that I didn't want to be this way anymore and I would not let the thoughts win. 

So why should I trust you? 

Yes, I’ve done the training and got the experience...from Degrees, Coaching & NLP Practitioner Certification, Mindfulness, Counselling, Level 3's & 5's, to over 15years of working in mental health, care, conflict resolution...


But what really matters, Is that I am real and here for you.

I'm not perfect, I don't believe anyone is. We've all done stupid shit that we wish we hadn't, but that doesn't effect what you do now. What is important, is that you want this change and are able to see that whatever you've been doing so far isn't working.

need a new approach and some support to finally start getting it right.


You can be in control of your mind

You can be confident

You can be motivated consistently

You can overcome the weight battles

You can like and even love what you see in the mirror

You can have amazing relationships and connections with others

You can be loved

You can be happy


​Battling with your mind has been the hardest thing you've ever done.

But overcoming it, is the greatest thing you will ever do.

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Nehaya has really helped me to see where I had been holding myself back in my life, and supported me to make some tough decisions that I had been avoiding. Now I have a great job and relationship and am the happiest I've ever been! 

Laura from Bristol, UK

You have helped me  tremendously from across the ocean! Love you! 

Chas from Canada

I love that you absolutely have me and what makes you completely unique is that you do not judge no matter what I have told you.You turn my problems into solutions that are real for me so I know I can achieve them.

Anon from London, UK

So What Now?

If you know that you want this to change and you're ready, then book a free call to get started.

You can get control and feel happy in just 8 Weeks

There's no sales call. You're either ready or you're not. 

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The Details

A Coach isn't just for sports personalities and singers.


In my package, I support you to gain control over your mind, so that you can start actually enjoying your life, as well as appreciate and feel connected with the people around you. You will try something new, and achieve the things in life you always say you want to do but never have the time or energy for. 

Some benefits you will get from working with me:

  • Start getting what you want from life - changed job, relationship etc

  • Get fit and healthy and improve daily routines

  • Feel happy and comfortable in your own company

  • When life throws something at you, you will know how to deal with it so it doesn't impact you anymore

  • Feel more positive and be happier every day 

  • Be more confident in your decisions

  • Feel more connected to people around you

  • Stand up for yourself and what you want

  • Have more time to do everything you want in life

One size does NOT fit all in my program. Not everyone wants to do yoga or meditate...! 

That's where I work with you as an individual, so that you really do come away with your own action plan and tools that will work for you even after our program has ended.


Your commitments? 

In order for me to help you, I need you to be completely honest with me - I trust you and will be completely honest with you, and I need the same back = There is no use you saying you're doing something if you're not; it's you that will come out feeling crap still!! I expect you to tell me what you hate doing so that you don't do it! Your honesty and openness allows us to really crack this.   

You need to show up and put in the work to make changes; some days it will feel so life changing, you will wonder why you didn't do this sooner. Others, it will feel hopeless or impossible, which is when you need to tell me so we can see what changed.


This process is so SIMPLE, but it does not always feel easy, and it's about being aware of it and real about it.


I am going to push you to make those changes and get you through this.

If we have a chat and you think I'm not right for you, then that's great as at least you know what you don't want! I will still help you to come away with an idea of where you need to go. 

If you like the sounds of it and want to go ahead then also great! This package is an investment in you and your future so that you can finally change the way you feel.​


The Initial call we have is always free.

8 Week package is £750 if paid in full, or £900 with payment plan (payment amounts can be discussed in initial chat)

Current deal - 

Book before April 2021 and pay just £495 (*£645 with a payment plan/instalments)


  • One 60minute Zoom call each week, where we discuss this week's tasks and what's going on, as well as an additional 30minute zoom to check in with how it is going.

  • Message me anytime outside of these sessions to gain additional support as required.

  • Any work will be emailed to you with personalised actions and things to work on and do in between sessions.

  • Offered access to any future programs, freebies or workshops in the future. 

  • Pause or break weeks can be arranged if you have any prior commitment during our time (holiday, etc), as well as to help implement additional tools

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