Card Readings & Guidance


Ok, so I get that card reading may seem a bit strange to some, but they are great if you are feeling stuck on a decision or just want a bit of clarity on what to do next.

Oracle and Tarot Cards help you to uncover what you are really feeling and are a great tool to help you make positive choices and a decision going forward. There may be a feeling or certain message that I get through the reading, or there may be something on the cards or a number that means something to you. You will know when you hear it.


The reading can focus on a particular area or question (relationships, work, health etc) or give a general overview of your life at the moment and what you need to do to move forward; the Cards are designed to make you reevaluate the choices you have made so far and if you are really happy with those choices. 

Benefits of Card Guidance:

  • Helps you to get clear on a decision or choice you want to make

  • Makes you feel confident and motivated on your next steps

  • Helps you to believe in what you want

  • Helps you to be more aware of the control you have in future choices

  • Gives you clear direction on what action to take next

It is advised to turn up to the reading in a quiet private environment so that you are able to give your full attention and energy, free from distractions and noise. It is also advisable to have a notebook and pen to hand in case of any inspired decisions or words come to you through the reading. It is also important to advise that you will not necessarily get a"yes" or "no" answer from a reading as it may be that you need to take certain steps to get to the result that you want. 


30 Minute Session - £20

50 Minute Session - £35

  • Sessions are conducted via Online Zoom or Skype Video Calls, or can be arranged as face to face if local to me.

  • Please ensure payment has been made prior to your session.