Accountability - Start Getting Shit Done!


No matter how many times you sit down to tackle your To Do List, it seems to NEVER end, and somehow gets bigger!!

Maybe you've started your own business or are working from home, and know there are things you need to do but something else always pops up, or somehow you find yourself cleaning the kitchen again instead...!

Or maybe you're a mum who can easily make sure everything is done that your kids or partner needs, but when it comes to you, you always end up bottom of the list...

You know that once you get this done, it will help you massively

You know that once you get this done and change things, you will feel amazing, and your life will start to uplevel and go in a a new direction. It's frustrating and annoying that you know what to do, but it just keeps getting put off.


Procrastination is a bitch and yet she seems to find you every day. You've got the stuff ready to go...You've got the gym gear, or the website membership...You know the right people and know where you're not focused, but you feel like you almost need someone to force you to do it.

It's time to do something about it and start getting shit done

Stop putting off prioritising you and your life - What you want is equally as important as anything else on your list and it's time to get it done. When you work with me, we figure out what's going on in the background as to why it seems like such a big task, and break it down into smaller easier chunks, so that you can start seeing a way towards the end goal. 

My Journey - 


Everyone needs accountability now and then - I discovered this and finally gave into this fact after years of battling with my mind over different methods and still ending up in the same place with nothing any different. 


Getting focused, accountable and sorting my mindset has helped me to absolutely change my lifestyle -


  • I dropped four dress sizes (UK Size 20 to a size 10) and maintained it! 

  • Left a high flying career that I hated and set up my own businesses that works for me and I love

  • Implemented self care routines and healthy lifestyle habits

  • Organising day to day life and tasks so that stress and overwhelm is absolutely rare for me 

And the best part about it, was that once you figure out how you work best, it really isn't that hard...It's simple really!

So enquire now and start taking the overwhelm out of that To Do List and Get Shit Done!

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The Details

Accountability is essential for everyone in different aspects of our lives - If we didn't HAVE to do anything, we wouldn't do anything!! I would mainly work with you if;

  • You're a Small Business Owner or Self Employed Individual - You have a To Do List bigger than your arm - Paperwork, policies, tasks that you know you have to do but just feel like endless effort, or marketing schedules that need to be implemented but you don't even know where to start. You know that once your website is done, your policies written up, or you've finished the workbook you've been creating, that you can really start upleveling your business and your life!

  • You're a busy Employed Mum - You keep saying you need to implement that new routine, start working out, eat healthy, or try something new, but you never seem to have the time. You just need support to help make that self care plan easier and more realistic so you can actually do it and start feeling amazing. You know that something needs to change to get these things together but keep putting them off and don't know why! 

I work with you to make your tasks, more manageable and realistic, no matter what they are, to take that overwhelm away so that you can get motivated, productive and start getting shit done. 



In your initial consultation, we establish what your aims are and what you hope to achieve, as well as look at timeframes and what works as well as any pre-determined deadlines. I will run through an assessment with you to get an idea on your effective motivators in order to set out a realistic plan that fits in with you natural learning style. We will customise a schedule that is in line with your desired outcome. 

If you decide to go ahead, there are different options available to you depending on your goal, from twice a day check ins and calls, to daily or weekly options, as well as different payment options to motivate success or deter failure.  

  • Calls held via Zoom sessions so as to allow for links and work to be checked and give additional feedback and accountability. Check  in options can also be via Zoom or messaging as to appropriate/preferred.

  • Message me outside of these sessions to gain additional support as required and deal with procrastination as it occurs. 

  • Offered access to any future programs, freebies or workshops in the future. 

  • Pause or break weeks can be arranged if you have any prior commitment during our time (holiday, etc), as well as to help implement additional tools.


The initial consultation is always free - If you decide this isn't for you, then you will at least leave with a clearer idea of what it is you do need.  

Current deal - 

Rolling plans available until April 2021 to coincide with UK Lockdown restrictions 

Due to the current pandemic and uncertainty of when full "normality" will be restored, I am offering rolling plans for those who are currently unable to work at full capacity. 

Prices are variable depending on the need and what you would like to achieve -

The "Get Started 1 Week Accountability Programme" starts from £100; This consists of two Zoom calls per day (AM and PM) through a working week and is suitable if you want to either get a basic idea of a routine in place and started, or if you have a tight deadline or task you would like to meet in your business (I.E, setting up some initial processes/policies) 

The "Habit Setter Accountability Programme" starts from £350 when paid in full and is a minimum of four weeks package - This is great for getting a routine in place and established, whether in your business or personal life. You will be able to get several tasks completed and be in a consistently motivated place, aware of how to get yourself out of procrastination in the future and get yourself focused and back on track. 

All Packages are discussed in the initial consultation and are customised around your needs, schedule and then desired outcome.

Payment Plans and Instalment Options are also available, as well as rolling plans where you can pay on a week by week basis as to the needs of your business (*subject to availability).

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Nehaya has really helped me to see where I had been holding myself back in my life, and supported me to make some tough decisions that I had been avoiding. Now I have a great job and relationship and am the happiest I've ever been! 

Laura from Bristol, UK

You have helped me  tremendously from across the ocean! Love you! 

Chas from Canada

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