You are not broken...there is a way to finally be happy

Get happy and Start living 

People only see your mask; standing in a packed room, smiling, laughing, being outrageous and surrounded by people. They think you are so confident and have so much in life. And maybe you do: You may have the career, kids, the house, marriage...all the things that society and the status quo has told you that you should have to be happy and successful. 

Physically, you are RIGHT there...but emotionally, you feel a despairing emptiness and loneliness, just wanting to escape your mind and feeling trapped inside your own head. 

You feel ungrateful, unworthy, fake, and like you don’t really deserve any of this.

You make out like everything is fine out of fear of judgement and everyone thinking you’re mad.

You feel unfixable. 

So you throw yourself into tasks, try every fad from the gym, to getting dressed up, getting out there and putting positive affirmations all around the bloody house. But eventually that motivation burns off and here you are again in your pit of loneliness with nothing but the latest Netflix binge, feeling like a failure, broken, just not good enough, feeling like maybe nothing will ever really make you happy. 


You want to feel connected, to really be able to love properly. You want motivation and confidence that lasts and doesn’t burn you out. And mostly, you just want to feel happy. To be able to enjoy life and the people around you.

You are not broken or irreparable.

There is a very simple way out and I can show you how.

I work with people who feel alone, empty and unhappy, to show them how the mind works and understand why those thoughts are there, so that we can get rid of them and get back in control of your life.


Be in control of the thoughts in your head, be confident, and then get motivation that is consistent because you aren't trapped by thoughts that you can't do it anymore. Throw that damn mask away for good. 



So why do I care? Who the hell am I? Why am I any different to any other fad out there?


I was deemed a success to my friends and family and checked off every box of what a successful woman should have done by my age: I'd moved away, got the degree, house, marriage, kid and even the high flying job. To the outside world, I was unstoppable.

But in reality, I felt like an emotional and mental wreck. 

I felt alone even in the fullest of rooms, depressed, like a failure. I battled with myself, my weight, and with anyone who said they loved me, not trusting those words. 

In April 2016, my 29 years of battling and hiding behind a mask finally came to a head, and I sat with myself, contemplating ending it all. 

It was at this exact moment that I knew I had to do something drastic, not just for me, but for my daughter too; I decided that I didn't want to be this way anymore and I would not let the thoughts win. 

So why should I trust you? 

Yes, I’ve done all the training...soooooo much training; Coaching Certificates, NLP Practitioner Certification, Mindfulness Diplomas, Counselling Skills, Customer Service, Level 3's, Level 5's, the Degree….I’ve worked in so many specialist areas with traumatised children and teenagers in care, intoxicated adults, desperate mothers….


But what really matters...Is that I am real with you.


I'm not perfect in any way, and it doesn't matter what you've done in the past. What matters is that you have been strong enough to reach out now and ask for help. That is what really takes guts. I won't tel you lies that this is easy because battling with your mind is the hardest thing you will ever do. 

But it is all so worth it when you come out the other end. And I know you will, because I've got you 100%. 


I have been where you are, in that cold dark lonely pit of despair, where the walls seem so tall and heavy that it seems impossible to ever climb out...I know it and I fucking get it. I’m here to offer you the ladder up that wall, show you the way up and out of there. I know how shit some of this is going to feel, and I've got you, one step at a time. 

You can be in control of your mind. You can be confident. You can be motivated consistently. You can overcome the emotional eating and weight battles. You can like and even love what you see in the mirror. You can have amazing relationships and connections with others. You can be loved. You can be happy.


I know, because this is where I am now. Yeah shit still hits the fan sometimes because you can never control what everyone else does, but you can control if it knocks you on your arse anymore. I know my mission is to help you to get there too. 


Nehaya has really helped me to see where I had been holding myself back in my life, and supported me to make some tough decisions that I had been avoiding. Now I have a great job and relationship and am the happiest I've ever been! 

Laura from Bristol, UK

You have helped me  tremendously from across the ocean! Love you! 

Chas from Canada

I love that you absolutely have me and what makes you completely unique is that you do not judge no matter what I have told you.You turn my problems into solutions that are real for me so I know I can achieve them.

Anon from London, UK

So what now?

If you want to get control and be happy, then check out my 6 Week Package.


If I'm not for you, then cool, no pressure! I'm not everyone's bag and that's fine by me (imagine being a bag that everyone had tiring!! LOL!). The first step is just clicking below to book a free chat to figure out what's going on. 

Let's get you happy

Some Facts About Me...

   I have a cat...I want a dog but I also like the complete ease of a cat (apart from

   the half dead pigeons or sparrows that you wake up to blocking the doorway

     when you’re already running late…)

    I’ve been skydiving and jumped out of a plane 21 times even though I was

     shit scared of heights...and only one time did I actually land on my face...

                                              I love Spain, cause I love the sun, the beach, the stuff to see and all the paella...

                                                   and cerveza…

                                                       I used to be a “bouncer”...people love that fact, especially when they know

                                                         I’m only 5ft 1!


                                                     I LOVE to sing and dance, but I’m sure my neighbours hate it...

     My daughter is like my mini replica and so loves pizza and film nights, but then also has my stubbornness and 

     teenage angst years...


   During the 2020 lockdown, I completed qualifications in

   Instructing and now run Fitness Classes (Something that old

     negative me would never have believed!!)

    I’m actually pretty introvert, which shocks most people who know me!!

      I’ve been sooo “out there” for most of my life that I actually now

        love the chill time!

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