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Learn how to fly through the tough times


They whispered in my ear -"You are not strong enough to withstand the storm"

Today, I whisper back -"I am the Storm"

Jake Remington

What's the point in being successful if you don't enjoy it?


Every day is an ongoing battle.

But the battle isn't out there; you can't just delete the negativity and shut it out.


Because the voice telling you your worthless and unloved is inside you.


How do you shut out yourself? 



You've heard about loving yourself and doing the "Internal work" but what does that even mean? 

Where and how do you start to even like yourself just a little bit, when you know that you are the main reason that you feel held back, alone and unhappy? 

There is a way. Let me explain... 

We strive for happiness in every aspect of our lives. We're told from a young age that when we have the education, career, husband, wife, car, house, kids that you will be "happy".


Your disney dreams and fantasies are dropped in place of an education and working hard, but here you are over 20 years later, and you feel....nothing.


You feel a glimmer of happiness at times, but mainly it's just this unnerving thought and feeling that maybe this is it;

that really all you can hope for is that you have the occasional good days where that intense feeling of loneliness holds off for more than a few hours. 

You feel on edge constantly, like you could crash at any moment.

The problem is, that you are currently sat in a powerful vehicle that you've never been shown how to drive 

Imagine your mind as a car and you as a child, who has not learnt to drive yet.


Now imagine you are asked to drive the car with no guidance. How the hell is that going to end?! 

You may rely on good examples you've seen before; something you've seen your mum do or watched in the movies; but ultimately you're winging it, and could crash at any moment with just one off move. 

This is exactly like our lives so far


When we can see our minds in this way, like a child, or even an untrained puppy, then we start to understand these feelings.


In fact, we need to appreciate that you've done a pretty good job so far to still be here in these circumstances.   

We've all heard the saying that life doesn't come with a handbook....well that's not completely true. 

The book is just not publicised or deemed a necessary training to be shown as a child, with our society prioritising money and ticking off a checklist of "must haves" instead.

Our mind impacts on every part of us




If you're mind isn't healthy and in a good place then your whole day and life is off.

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Having flown the earth for 300million years, dragonflies symbolise our ability to overcome times of hardship.

They remind us to take time to reconnect with our own strength, courage and happiness

The dragonfly flies strong despite the environment it is in and the storms it faces.

But they also symbolise change and self realisation, transformation and mental and emotional maturity. 


You are the dragonfly, constantly battling through the storms and still standing.



But change is here now

It's time to transform and come out stronger and more beautiful than before.

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Nehaya has really helped me to see where I had been holding myself back in my life, and supported me to make some tough decisions that I had been avoiding. Now I have a great job and relationship and am the happiest I've ever been! 

Laura from Bristol, UK

You have helped me  tremendously from across the ocean! Love you! 

Chas from Canada

I love that you absolutely have me and what makes you completely unique is that you do not judge no matter what I have told you.You turn my problems into solutions that are real for me so I know I can achieve them.

Anon from London, UK

So what now?

Everyone is in different places on their journey; some of us are craving and wanting a change.

If this is you, then let the transformation start now.

Book a free call below, where we figure out your mind, journey and how to get you through the storm.  

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